Monday, 25 May 2009

Well thats Bank Holiday Monday gone it seems!
I spent yesterday over at IKEA in Gateshead getting yet more storage stuff for my craft
room - really I just need a bigger craft room. I do this every few months it seems and STILL
havent found the perfect solution - doubt Im the only one though so thats okay. Anyhow, bought yet another huge bookcase to go along with 3 others, 2 of which are hidden behind
doors thank goodness, I have had the mother of all clearouts so guess who is going to be
hitting ebay with a vengance this week, thankfully its half term so have no excuse.
Well after a lot of fretting and worrying the kittens finally went out on a big adventure
yesterday, we let them out into the big bad world ( er our garden and the allotments really
but it doesnt sound the same) I was on edge all the time thinking they wouldnt come back -
but they did, again and again and again lol ! Emily didnt actually leave the garden, she was much
too busy killing daisies, then of course there were all the dandelions to go at after that too, Pepsi
took himself off through the hedge a few times and even managed to scare a poor little baby sparrow out of its nest, it landed right at Emilys feet, she looked at it and jumped a mile bless her!!!! Anyhow, theyve been out most of the day today and are absolutely shattered tonight.
Will try and post some pics of them - how brave am I feeling eh!
Got to be up early in the morning to take Declan to the doctors for the results of his ECG, he keeps going dizzy and the circulation in his hands is dreadful - am very on edge about it, so keep your fingers crossed that everythings ok. After that its back into tidying the craft room and
HOPEFULLY crafting yaaay!!!!
Really looking forward to finally getting to play around with the papers etc now that Ive got
a new printer after last weeks escapades.
Well there you go, thats me up to date and if you are lucky I may get to put some pictures up too - just dont hold your breath lol
Catch you soon.
Sue x


  1. aww hun your blog is ace and so are those kitties, how cute!! Hope all goes ok at the hospital for you. x

  2. Hello well done on the blog looks great! I need to sort something out....


  3. ECG results were okay thank god - he's to go back if his circulation gets worse as there is medication they can give him. They joys of motherhood???? hmm! xx
    Michelle.........if I can do this ANYONE can - trust me !xx


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