Monday, 14 December 2009

Quick update

Just to keep you in the picture, been busy throwing myself out of buses and down mountains, damaging the nerve endings in my finger and thumb and generally causing mayhem and havoc as per usual.
Not up to doing much at the moment but New Years Resolution is not to neglect my blog!
Catch up soon. x

Friday, 30 October 2009

Good morning

Despite my good intentions to keep this blog up to date it's still ages since I last posted anything.

Don't know where the time goes to these days do you? I did think that this week I had nothing better to do than ignore the housework (it's Halloween anyhow so the cobwebs would look in place) but you know what they say about the best laid plans etc etc. Still haven't fully recovered from the rotten virus those delightful children at school shared with me - cheers kids, I know WHO you are! I did spend a little bit of time playing around in the craft room yesterday afternoon and one of the results was my DT card for the Polkadoodles challenge. Nikky asked us to use the fantastic Not For Girls cd, now the biggest problem with this cd is that there is just far too many things to choose from hmm, we also had to incorporate one of her fantastic stamps ( I chose the small doodle) and do a little bit of doodling of our own. I inked the edges with distress inks and that was that. Now all I need to find is the motivation to get started on this huge wedding stationery order Ive been commissioned for - not an easy one either typically! Perhaps Id feel a little more settled if Pepsi hadnt gone missing on Wednesday night, having lost a cat last year this is just a little bit too soon to go through again so please keep your fingers crossed he returns today, neither of them have been out overnight before. Declan comes home from Ayr today and he will be distraught if 'his' cat isnt here.

Happy Halloween to you all.


Thursday, 1 October 2009

Somebody somewhere doesnt want me to craft!

Cracked ribs arent enough, now Ive been sent home from school with a flu type virus.
Ive never been sent home from work before, it feels very strange I can tell you. Anyhow,
doubt there will be much crafting done in this household for a little while, am as weak as can
be and just want to sleep. Got so many half finished samples on my desk for Nikkys new cd
Not for Girls too - so unfair :-( What a treat everyone is in for when THAT hits Create and
Craft later this week I can tell you. Check it out on Friday 2nd October at 11.00am.
Take care

Sunday, 27 September 2009


Knew it was too good to be true! Just as I was getting organised and back into the swing of things again I end up with cracked ribs and wonderful multicoloured bruising and grazes ( must have a word with Tim Holtz, there are some LOVELY colour combinations going on there that would make some fabulous distress inks!).
Fingers crossed I will get some crafting done this week, Ive bought so many gorgeous things lately that I am so desperate to play with its just not fair! - Right thats my rant over, hope to catch up soon.
Take care.

Friday, 18 September 2009

Quick post

Going to keep this fairly brief!

This week over at Polkadoodles our challenge was to make our own flowers and use them on a card or project, we could use any of the fantastic cd's from Nikky's range ( oh and you really MUST check out her new stamp range too - shes just too talented). The idea I had was so easy - in my head - getting it down on card and paper was just another matter, so I changed it entirely and made a bouquet of flowers for all my lovely team mates instead of a card! I used the Candy Doodles cd, wooden skewers, a ribbon some crystal drops and one of Nikkys sentiments,

Havent had the best of weeks, seem to have been running from one appointment or meeting to the next with hardly a moment to catch my breath. Was told this week that I needed to take medication for diabetes and other things and Im struggling to deal with it. Ive also had quite a nasty fall in the car park at school this afternoon and have possibly broken a rib or two along with skinned knees, hands and elbow and my dented pride I guess it was the perfect ending to a perfect week - just dont make me laugh IT HURTS!

Hope you all have a lovely weekend and hope to see some of your takes on our latest challenge.


Sue x

Saturday, 12 September 2009

As the challenge over at Polkadoodles this week was to make Anything But A Card I tied it in with what I was making for some pupils at school - sticker reward books for achieving specific goals.
The hardest part of this challenge for me was actually deciding just WHICH papers etc to use from the Candy Doodles cd which is packed full of gorgeousness! So, a few ribbons, some distress ink and some crystal drops later - one book!
You really do have to check out the Polkadoodles blog in order to see what the rest of the design team came up with, you will be amazed.
Also, check out Create and Craft at 9.00am on September 15th when Nikky will be showcasing her brand new rubber stamps which complement the Jingle Jangle cd, I have seen them and you most definitely will not be disappointed.
Ive not blogged for a while, Ive had a lot of things happening in my personal life that have been difficult to deal with and blogging had to take a back seat. Ive also acquired another two retail outlets that wish to stock my cards so Ive been trying to make over 150 to add to the stock Ive given them - Im now just waiting for the cleaning fairies to come along and make sense of my craft room, they seem to have had problems with their sat nav as they havent turned up yet, hmmm.

Saturday, 15 August 2009


I knew exactly what I wanted to create for this weeks DT challenge at Polkadoodles but unfortunately had some really sad news early in the week. The daughter of a friend of mine
passed away, she was only 22 - a year older than my eldest son Jordan ( hes 21 this Sunday actually). She had beaten cancer four times in her young life, overcame being drugged
and raped in Thailand and married five weeks ago. An awful lot to fill into such a short life butshe did it with courage and dignity and not a trace of self pity. My thoughts and prayers are with her parents, sister and brother
So............this week Ive been keeping a low profile of sorts, then Nikky came up with the ideal distraction - her new Jingle Jangle Christmas cd. Now to be honest I thought she couldnt improve on her Candy Doodles cd but OH MY WORD was I wrong! I have totally been blown away by this, so much so that I started to make some samples for the big debut on Create and Craft this Monday at 9am (just watch, you will see what I mean) and got so absorbed that I almost missed the post office! Check out the samples, see what you think.
Before I go please pop on by the Polkadoodles blog and see the fab cards the DT have made for the new challenge which is a card with at least two folds, theyre brilliant. You have until noon on Sunday 23rd August to submit yours, so plenty of time!
I will leave you with a sneaky peak from the Jingle Jangles CD
(one day soon I will work out how to get the pictures WHERE I want them!)
Take care
Sue x

Sunday, 9 August 2009

New challenge

This is the sketch Nikky gave us for this weeks challenge over at Polka Doodle, why not pop over and take a look at what the design team, including our three new team members, produced this week. It never ceases to amaze me how all the members manage to come up with something totally different from each other all the time. Hop on over to the Polka Doodle website and check out the requirements for this weeks challenge, Im looking forward to seeing everyones take on it.

I was a bit disappointed with the colours on my card, the cartridges on my printer were running out, the printer is a bit unreliable despite being brand new and you cant always believe what its telling you!

Im still finding my feet with this blogging lark, next thing I have to work out is how to get the pictures in the order to match up with the writing!! The pictures at the top are my take on the challenge. One day it will all fall into place hopefully, I look at other peoples blogs and cringe when I come back to mine.

I havent really done much this week in the way of crafting, Ive been keeping my friend Tracey company online while she suffers with swine flu and toothache ( as if one isnt bad enough on its own), poor thing shes really been suffering but thankfully is on the mend now.

One little project I did manage was some grunge flowers, I loved doing these and will probably be making more next week.
So to clarify.......the grunge flowers are the first lot of pictures and the Polka Doodles challenge pictures are the next lot - oh my days ! Any help with this picture placement problem I have would be MOST welcome lol.

Wednesday, 29 July 2009

Surprise and a broken blog

Well, it was to me! I've looked at other peoples blogs for a long time now, seen that they've been awarded various commendations and thought ''Yes and how well deserved it is''. Never in my wildest dreams did I think I would receive anything, I mean although I've been crafting since paper was papyrus (well according to my boys I have) I've only been blogging a relatively short time ( and even then it wasn't my idea!). So to say this came as a complete surprise is an understatement, there are much more deserving blogs than mine out there, but 'thank you' Tracey, so very very much. If you haven't visited her blog then you really should do, she has a style all of her own and I've watched her grow in talent and confidence right from the very begining and I know she will continue to do so. Now....................I have a problem - no not just one but this one Tracey's been trying to help me sort ALL NIGHT and I mean ALL NIGHT. At one point I was ready for throwing the laptop in the back of the car and driving the 300 and odd miles to hers to sort it out together!! I have broken my blog. Yes, it's true, it is well and truly broken. It could only happen to me and just goes to show NOTHING techy is safe in my hands - give me micro dots, glue, paper, scissors and I am fine - techy...........NOPE.
Trying to pass the award on wasn't as easy as I anticipated and we've worked on it all night to no avail so I am just going to have to do it the messy way by copying and pasting the new recipients of the award. So here goes:
1. - I dont think I need explain why - she just rocks, as does her work, simple as.
2. - Someone else whos work and spirit I admire sooooooo much, one day I WILL get to go play there!
3. - You really need to see the cards that Kath (and her glamorous assistant!) produce, truly wonderful.
4. - Someone else whos blog I stalk whoops, read avidly. Julies cards are so elegant.
5. - Just go and look - thats all I can say !! You will see why.
6. - Again, beautiful work, never ceases to amaze.
7. - There is always something fresh and different to see on Enfys' blog.
8. - You can always rely on Saskia to come up with something you wish you had thought of yourself!
9. - Not only is Ruth very talented her blog is very entertaining at times too!
10. If I could I would award this to Tracey again - even if it was just to say...........all these years Trace and we're still going strong lol !
10. -I admire the fresh feel to the cards that Kerry produces.
PHEW. Now that was NOT easy - Thanks Trace ! Seriously though, as Tracey knows today wasn't an easy day for me in my personal life, I wont bore you with the details but suffice to say this really cheered up what was really a very sad day.
I am now going to bed as it is breaking daylight - I kid you not.
Love and light
Sue x

Oh but before I go I guess Id better tell all these people about their award, might be a good idea to introduce myself to some of them too - Ive been stalking some of them for long enough lol!!!

Friday, 24 July 2009

New challenge!

This week Nikky asked us to use the images from the new and hugely successful Candy Doodles cd and the sketch above. I used the Candy Doodle flower stitch background paper, along with the Candy Wings butterflies (which I love) and the sentiment from Doodle Wordy Bits - all on the same cd. I threaded some polka dot ribbon through holes I punched at the top of the card with my Cropodile Big Bite. Lastly I inked the edges with a dusky pink ink. The quality of the photo isnt brilliant so you cant really see the sentiment too well unfortunately.

Why not pop on over to the Polka Doodle Blog and see what the rest of the design team have been up to.

You have until twelve noon on Sunday 2nd August to get your entry in. Look forward to seeing it and have fun!

Thursday, 23 July 2009

I knew there was something else !

I wanted to share the wedding invitations Im working on and a couple of vintage style cards I made!

The invitation is actually a tall DL card but I dont think it shows up too well here.

Where has this week gone, did someone borrow a couple of days and not tell me?

I've not done such a lot really but I have played around with the new Candy Doodles and have a couple of cards to show you. Hopefully will have more over the next couple of days.

Ive done some craft shopping, somehow or other quite a few things seemed to 'fall' into my basket...........odd that isnt it!

Anyhow, will leave you with some pictures for now and hopefully have more to show you later

Thursday, 16 July 2009

Design team call

What are you waiting know you want to !!!!!!!!

Jordan wont thank me for this but as he doesnt read my blog then what he doesnt know wont harm him I reckon! I took this picture of him very early one morning when he was about 20months old and its been hanging around in a cupboard for years, so when I found this frame (under the bed along with a load of others !!!!) I knew immediately what I wanted to do with it. The frame itself was just an ordinary everyday pine but quite shiny so out came the distress paint grungeboard, inks, ribbons etc etc and the rest as you can see is history. This is really quite a big frame, the picture itself is A4 , thankfully I finish work for the holidays on Thursday afternoon so next on the list is one of Declan, watch this space!!!! Speaking of school finishing, I cant wait, Ive slept since I came home this afternoon, roll on tomorrow!
Catch you soon. Love Sue x

Tuesday, 14 July 2009

Hows this - twice in one day! I wanted to share one of my latest projects with you before it disappears to its new owner. I spent some time playing with my favourite things i.e. alcohol inks, distress inks, grungeboard, mica, stamps and a whole host of other things messy and gorgeous! I wish the finish was easier to see as it has a really nice tone to it but never mind, you will get an idea. Ive just finished a large wooden frame that Ive distressed, I will try and grab a pic of it later and put it on for you to see. Really looking forward to getting my hands inky these next six weeks - very excited!!!!!
Sue x

Seem to spend most of my time apologising lately, here goes another one :-( Sorry for not blogging for such a long time, sometimes life just gets in the way I guess. Its been really busy at school these past few weeks getting ready for the end of term etc., had courses to attend, house to run etc etc the list goes on as you well know. The main problem really has been tiredness, several years ago I was diagnosed with M.E. I had to take almost two years off work and then ease back into it - so normally around the end of term I tend to run out of energy quicker and

spend a fair bit of time sleeping which infuriates me no end. Anyhow, enough of that, I also appear to have picked up a virus or something on the laptop, there are some VERY strange things happening which has caused me to shut the lid and walk away before throwing it through the nearest window!

However..........I am hoping to blog at least 3 or 4 times a week from now on ( I cant believe I really said that!!)

Over at Polkadoodle things have been VERY busy, Nikky had her first show on Create and Craft and I was delighted to see several of my cards on there - very strange feeling that was I can tell you. Our latest challenge was to make a get well card that featured a bug - no thought had to go into what kind of bug being the butterfly lover that I am, also as a change from ribbon we had to use another option, could be string, raffia, paper etc - I chose a string of pearls. So there you are, my card..............using the gorgeous papers from Nikky's Sugar Birdie cd. Pop over to the Polkadoodle website and take a look at the other cards from the design team, theyre amazing. Also BIG NEWS, Nikky is looking for another member to join us on the design team, check it out while you are over there.

Sunday, 14 June 2009

I Im rubbish at gardening and also at remembering names of flowers BUT have excelled here and must show you these!
Rose, Peony, Clematis - hows that !!!!!!! The last little flower is of course Emily after her exhausting first day in the big world - bless !

Sorry for not having blogged for a while, what with work and home and various problems at the moment there doesnt seem to have been a spare moment in the day. Yet when I go over each days events I couldnt tell you where the time has gone. Im on countdown now for the end of term - Im looking forward to having some breathing space to craft properly.

With all the fantastic weather we have had of late I decided it was probably time the kittens were allowed loose on the big bad world.........very scary ( for us- not them it seems)! The first week they were out in the fresh air on and off during the day, they were like exhausted toddlers!

They slept and slept and better slept - anywhere and everywhere, we kept finding them asleep in the oddest of places, literally just where they had stopped walking I think, bless them.

Familywise Declan has his last two GCSE's this week, he is so looking forward to Wednesday and them being over, Jordan is busy all hours getting his assignment ready to hand in to college on Tuesday also, when he isnt at work he is busy finalising his presentation and actually manufacturing the actual pieces. A few years ago Carlisle, which is about 12 miles from where we live, was very badly flooded, Jordan at the time had just set up his own engineering company with a friend and they were approached by the council to design and manufacture handrails for the new flood defence system - this is what he has been fine tuning to hand in on Tuesday. Got to say I dont understand a tenth of what he tells me regarding draughtsmanship and engineering but boy does it sound complicated lol!

As for crafting..............there hasnt been enough hours in the day to even try to craft and to be honest Ive struggled to tackle the Polkadoodle challenges and only JUST snuck in this week by the skin of my teeth - even then I wasnt happy with my submission, when I look at all the other D.T. submissions I am very much in awe of these ladies.

Anyhow...........enough of my ramblings. At the top of this post you should find this weeks challenge sketch. You MUST use a stamped (or digi stamp) image & you MUST use this FREEBIE HERE which you can use however you wish, ie you can change the colour if you want to,(nb:you will need to create an account to get the download but ignore the minimum order prompt, you can still checkout without any charges)....
(please also refer to the general rules for challenges, some of you are missing out by not following the rules!)
Catch you soon.

Friday, 29 May 2009

This is my interpretation of the sketch. I'm really looking forward to seeing everyone elses too.

Challenge 2 !

After a fantastic launch and overwhelming response to the first Polkadoodle challenge (winners can be seen on the Polkadoodle website)the second challenge is now up and running so get yourself over there and have a look - in the meantime here is this weeks challenge sketch.