Sunday, 14 June 2009

Sorry for not having blogged for a while, what with work and home and various problems at the moment there doesnt seem to have been a spare moment in the day. Yet when I go over each days events I couldnt tell you where the time has gone. Im on countdown now for the end of term - Im looking forward to having some breathing space to craft properly.

With all the fantastic weather we have had of late I decided it was probably time the kittens were allowed loose on the big bad world.........very scary ( for us- not them it seems)! The first week they were out in the fresh air on and off during the day, they were like exhausted toddlers!

They slept and slept and better slept - anywhere and everywhere, we kept finding them asleep in the oddest of places, literally just where they had stopped walking I think, bless them.

Familywise Declan has his last two GCSE's this week, he is so looking forward to Wednesday and them being over, Jordan is busy all hours getting his assignment ready to hand in to college on Tuesday also, when he isnt at work he is busy finalising his presentation and actually manufacturing the actual pieces. A few years ago Carlisle, which is about 12 miles from where we live, was very badly flooded, Jordan at the time had just set up his own engineering company with a friend and they were approached by the council to design and manufacture handrails for the new flood defence system - this is what he has been fine tuning to hand in on Tuesday. Got to say I dont understand a tenth of what he tells me regarding draughtsmanship and engineering but boy does it sound complicated lol!

As for crafting..............there hasnt been enough hours in the day to even try to craft and to be honest Ive struggled to tackle the Polkadoodle challenges and only JUST snuck in this week by the skin of my teeth - even then I wasnt happy with my submission, when I look at all the other D.T. submissions I am very much in awe of these ladies.

Anyhow...........enough of my ramblings. At the top of this post you should find this weeks challenge sketch. You MUST use a stamped (or digi stamp) image & you MUST use this FREEBIE HERE which you can use however you wish, ie you can change the colour if you want to,(nb:you will need to create an account to get the download but ignore the minimum order prompt, you can still checkout without any charges)....
(please also refer to the general rules for challenges, some of you are missing out by not following the rules!)
Catch you soon.

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