Thursday, 1 October 2009

Somebody somewhere doesnt want me to craft!

Cracked ribs arent enough, now Ive been sent home from school with a flu type virus.
Ive never been sent home from work before, it feels very strange I can tell you. Anyhow,
doubt there will be much crafting done in this household for a little while, am as weak as can
be and just want to sleep. Got so many half finished samples on my desk for Nikkys new cd
Not for Girls too - so unfair :-( What a treat everyone is in for when THAT hits Create and
Craft later this week I can tell you. Check it out on Friday 2nd October at 11.00am.
Take care


  1. Oh no I hope you didn't catch it from me? Sorry you are feeling so rough, wrap up in bed, sleep lots and drink lots....freash advice straight from my docs mouth yesterday!

  2. Bless you! I shant blame you, I promise! Feel really guilty as its only a small school I work in and one of the other T.A's is off with it too - hope they dont think weve gone on a shopping trip or something!!!!! Get well soon.

  3. Thank you both ladies, you are so kind. Now the other T.A. has gone off sick with the same thing - thats all three of us, oh dear! I can see the school closing soon if this carries on.


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