Friday, 30 October 2009

Good morning

Despite my good intentions to keep this blog up to date it's still ages since I last posted anything.

Don't know where the time goes to these days do you? I did think that this week I had nothing better to do than ignore the housework (it's Halloween anyhow so the cobwebs would look in place) but you know what they say about the best laid plans etc etc. Still haven't fully recovered from the rotten virus those delightful children at school shared with me - cheers kids, I know WHO you are! I did spend a little bit of time playing around in the craft room yesterday afternoon and one of the results was my DT card for the Polkadoodles challenge. Nikky asked us to use the fantastic Not For Girls cd, now the biggest problem with this cd is that there is just far too many things to choose from hmm, we also had to incorporate one of her fantastic stamps ( I chose the small doodle) and do a little bit of doodling of our own. I inked the edges with distress inks and that was that. Now all I need to find is the motivation to get started on this huge wedding stationery order Ive been commissioned for - not an easy one either typically! Perhaps Id feel a little more settled if Pepsi hadnt gone missing on Wednesday night, having lost a cat last year this is just a little bit too soon to go through again so please keep your fingers crossed he returns today, neither of them have been out overnight before. Declan comes home from Ayr today and he will be distraught if 'his' cat isnt here.

Happy Halloween to you all.



  1. Hi Sue, what a great card and lovely to see you back blogging. Hope that Pepsi returns soon, it is always a worry when they decide to have a wander.
    Max x

  2. Great card Sue!!!

    I hope Pepsi is back home??

    Saskia :)

  3. Thanks ladies, no sign of him yet, poor Declan is devastated. xx

  4. Hi there
    How goes it up your way? How are the old ribs and the virus germs? Are you any way near to recovery? I am ok now and germ free thankfully! You just gotta love those germ sharing kids ain't yer...or should that be init!!!!
    Have you found Pepsi yet? I hope so. Love your card you did. It looks gorgeous.
    Love Me (as in Lil Ol Me!)

  5. Love the ticket stubs!! I sure hope you are getting back in to the swing of things. Seems as though everything has tried to get you down! Just keep breaking through the top for air and you'll be fine! LOL


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