Wednesday, 29 July 2009

Surprise and a broken blog

Well, it was to me! I've looked at other peoples blogs for a long time now, seen that they've been awarded various commendations and thought ''Yes and how well deserved it is''. Never in my wildest dreams did I think I would receive anything, I mean although I've been crafting since paper was papyrus (well according to my boys I have) I've only been blogging a relatively short time ( and even then it wasn't my idea!). So to say this came as a complete surprise is an understatement, there are much more deserving blogs than mine out there, but 'thank you' Tracey, so very very much. If you haven't visited her blog then you really should do, she has a style all of her own and I've watched her grow in talent and confidence right from the very begining and I know she will continue to do so. Now....................I have a problem - no not just one but this one Tracey's been trying to help me sort ALL NIGHT and I mean ALL NIGHT. At one point I was ready for throwing the laptop in the back of the car and driving the 300 and odd miles to hers to sort it out together!! I have broken my blog. Yes, it's true, it is well and truly broken. It could only happen to me and just goes to show NOTHING techy is safe in my hands - give me micro dots, glue, paper, scissors and I am fine - techy...........NOPE.
Trying to pass the award on wasn't as easy as I anticipated and we've worked on it all night to no avail so I am just going to have to do it the messy way by copying and pasting the new recipients of the award. So here goes:
1. - I dont think I need explain why - she just rocks, as does her work, simple as.
2. - Someone else whos work and spirit I admire sooooooo much, one day I WILL get to go play there!
3. - You really need to see the cards that Kath (and her glamorous assistant!) produce, truly wonderful.
4. - Someone else whos blog I stalk whoops, read avidly. Julies cards are so elegant.
5. - Just go and look - thats all I can say !! You will see why.
6. - Again, beautiful work, never ceases to amaze.
7. - There is always something fresh and different to see on Enfys' blog.
8. - You can always rely on Saskia to come up with something you wish you had thought of yourself!
9. - Not only is Ruth very talented her blog is very entertaining at times too!
10. If I could I would award this to Tracey again - even if it was just to say...........all these years Trace and we're still going strong lol !
10. -I admire the fresh feel to the cards that Kerry produces.
PHEW. Now that was NOT easy - Thanks Trace ! Seriously though, as Tracey knows today wasn't an easy day for me in my personal life, I wont bore you with the details but suffice to say this really cheered up what was really a very sad day.
I am now going to bed as it is breaking daylight - I kid you not.
Love and light
Sue x

Oh but before I go I guess Id better tell all these people about their award, might be a good idea to introduce myself to some of them too - Ive been stalking some of them for long enough lol!!!


  1. Oh Sue what a lovely surprise. Thank you so much for choosing me in your top ten and well done to the others too. Not sure what to do next, please let me know xx

  2. Sue,

    Thanks for this lovely award!!!!!!!

    Sweer, sweet greetings,
    Saskia :)

  3. wow Sue...thank you so much for choosing me and "The Budster" for your top ten...hugs kath xxxxx

  4. Hi Sue. A well deserved award. I do hope things have improved for you and you've had a better day than yesterday.
    lol Lynne. XXX

  5. Sue, thank you so much for giving me this award it means so much to me that you like my creations. After looking at yours I am even more honoured as I don't think I even come close to you. I look forward to visiting often.


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