Sunday, 21 March 2010

We have a new addition to the family this week. Meet Bella.........Emily is wishing she hadn't met Bella but hey ho! After Pepsi went missing in October (Emily's brother) I wasn't sure if I would have another fur baby but I came across this one on a rescue website and I dont know why I rang but there you go, I did. They said in the write up about her (oh she WAS called Vera or V for short but come on.......Emily and Vera?????????sounds like two old ladies in the snug at the Rovers!) that she was a year old and had been rescued as a stray in the autumn, but theres no way this little thing is a year old. We reckon she is nine months old at the very most, bless her. She may be little but my word can she eat!! Emily has turned into a real hissy missy and has stopped sleeping on my bed since Bella arrived on the scene. Fingers crossed this is only a temporary thing, poor Bella follows her around everywhere just wanting to be her friend. I'm glad I managed to get a picture of her on this rug in the kitchen, it's one my (ex-mother in law) mum made for me last year. She makes these hooky rugs despite being in her 80's and absolutely crippled with arthritis. Years ago she had loads of these in the farmhouse made out of scraps of all our clothing, it was wonderful knowing there were bits of all of our past all bonded together in a rug. The Americans apparently pay a fortune for them but mum gives hers to the local cerebral palsy charity shop, she's a gem and I love her to bits. I've made rugs in the past but not from scratch like this, I may ask her to show me how to do it.
Other news this week, Declan turned 17 on Friday, how is that possible? Being Declan of course he had everything organised and in place ready to start driving on the big day, Jordan spent the day sitting in with him and from what I can gather they were all over the county, Keswick included. He has booked himself lessons and has a 3 hour one on Tuesday next week, on Thursday he has his theory test booked. Now this next part makes me feel really weird.............his Dad has my car in his business at the moment working on it and taking it for its MOT on Monday - I am going to be using Declans car to go to work etc!!!!!!!! No doubt I will have a million instructions before I set off about how to drive it lol.
Hoping to do some crafting tomorrow so fingers crossed I will have something to show you then.

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