Sunday, 14 March 2010


With the best intentions in the world I still dont find time to keep this blog up to date :-( perhaps I need a secretary lol!

Anyhow, been very very busy lately what with work, reading intervention training, staff meetings and juggling things at home, roll on the Easter holidays.

Last weekend I was determined to grab some time out, it didnt stop me feeling guilty though about the things I didnt get done around the house.

I always forget to take photos of the things I alter before I start, so, with that in mind Ive taken a couple of pictures of upcoming projects . I bought a load of different photo frames that were reduced to the ridiculous price of 49p, so even if they turn out rubbish it doesnt matter :-) The pail was a brilliant find too ( the mug is to show just how big it really is) not sure where Im going to put it yet, either in the bathroom for used towels or in the kitchen once its decorated next month, we shall see.

Today I made a card for one of the most important people in my life, my mum ( actually my ex-mother in law but still my mum ) the pictures a bit light and doesnt show it at its best but hey ho.

Right, am going to upload the pictures now and in my usual fashion heaven knows where or what order they will end up on here - wish me luck!
- forgot to say, it takes two minutes to make those roses on the mirror, Ive made them in every size and colour imaginable!!)

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  1. Looking forward to seeing how the frames turn out, great idea! :)


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