Thursday, 18 February 2010

Back again.

Right now, Im not even going to attempt to tidy this lot up because I wouldnt know where to begin, but at least Im honest about it !!
Theres a selection of cards, two rose brooch type things I made - thats the purple one and the silver one and two small pictures that Declan and I have decided to call Instant Ancestors lol!!
Im in the process of working on another mirror so hopefully I will have that to show you soon too, heaven knows how Im ever going to get these hands clean - Im off to make shepherds pie. Take care xxx


  1. Hello Sue, I love your work your brooches are beautiful.
    Thank you for popping across to visit me, I do wonder what the purpose of going through all this stuff is for it's suppose to make you stronger but right now I feel, well not strong anyway. Not sure how many times I can go over the same story you'd of thought by now I know that there's not a differant ending no materr how hard I try.
    Joanne x

  2. Sue...these cards are fantastic (so are the brooches) Hope things are a bit better for you does get easier and i should know having been divorced and widowed! Take care.


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