Thursday, 18 February 2010

Photo heavy warning !

What a week its been.

Half term..........should have known really!!

So in no particular order and as briefly as possible, here is as taster.

Finished the week at school nearly on my knees what with meetings, assessments and trying to fit in the Reading Intervention course work, it was cold, it was busy, it was a typical pre-half term week. Woke up Saturday with the start of a cold and it went rapidly downhill from there. Constant sneezing, eyes streaming, headache....dire. Fingers crossed and touch wood ( head ) it seems to be improving, Sunday the washing machine decided to throw a hissy fit and keep pausing itself for no reason other than it could. TODAY the engineer finally gets here, yes TODAY, and informs me 'hmmmmmmmm think it may not be economical to repair it' so now Im sat here waiting for him to ring back once hes been in touch with the insurance company. Monday the vacuum cleaner decided that what was good for the washing machine was also good for it and IT decided to die on me too. Im trying to locate Wilma from the Flintstones to see if I can loan that dinosaur she used to have clean her carpets. My car has developed three not one or two but three 'interesting verging on scary' noises and has developed a new way of braking - trip to ex husbands garage with a pleading expression was in order. Tuesday................bad day, should have been my silver wedding anniversary (had I not been divorced now that is) - best skip Tuesday me thinks. Yesterday I hid the sharp knives just in case. Today ( be thankful you are reading the brief version I can tell you - I had to live through the full version, and there was no popcorn either ), well today I made the decision to leave the Polkadoodles Design Team, I didnt really want to and am regretting it already but I wasnt being fair to Nikky. Ive hit a brick wall mojo wise and gone back to my comfort zone of altered art, which is a shame because Ive seen what shes putting on her new cd and its awesome :-( So there you go, now arent you glad I havent told you EVERYTHING lol !!!!! comfort zone, have a look and see what you think - its all thats kept me moderately sane this week I can tell you.
The wooden panel at the top ( I cant get used to adding pictures to this blog) started off life white and cost me £5 - Im pretty pleased with it and am going back to see if I can get some more, theyre pretty heavy and I havent a clue where to put it but hey ho.
Im going to publish this part so far and start afresh with the rest of the pictures, see if I can get things a bit more orderly.


  1. Good luck Sue and shall miss you but your altered art is wonderful so keep it up!

  2. Thanks Ruth, I will miss you too but will still be keeping an eye on what you all get up to! x


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